What is the “secret” to self-branding?….YOU!

Your uniqueness will attract people to your business. People don’t join businesses…they join people!

Show people who you are.

How do you show people who you are?



5 Self-Branding Tips

1. Show yourself

2. Provide valuable content

3. Create a personal brand design

4. Market yourself not your business

5. Practice Self-improvement


1. Show Yourself

The greatest asset to your business isn’t your product or company… it’s YOU!

Marketers inundate social media sites with links to an array of businesses then wonder why they don’t get results. Followers just glance over posts  as SPAM whether or not it’s a service or product they may use!

It’s  important to be social when using social media. Followers are attracted first to you as a person then  notice your business.

So, how do you show yourself?

Post photo’s or videos on your profile.

  • Share your hobbies
  • A day at the park with the kids
  • Pets
  • A funny story or heartfelt story
  • Favorite quotes
  • Music you enjoy
  • Your sense of humor

You get the idea! Show you are a person…show your LIFE.



2.  Provide Valuable Content

Provide your followers with FREE information.

Gear your posts towards your business.

  • Gifting business – Share holiday decorating ideas, recipe, and crafts
  • Wellness business – Share DIY lotions, soaps, and spa treatments
  • Weight loss business –  Share work out tips, healthy foods, and recipes

People love photos! SEE 5 FREE Photo Creators



3. Create a Personal Brand Design

You create a personal brand design by duplicating  your profile “look” between all social media sites.

Use the same personal profile photo of yourself and  timeline covers on all social media sites.

Don’t use a product or your pet as a profile photo! Do use a nice head shot of yourself and pay attention to your background.



*Coming soon links to easy timeline cover creators! I have used many and will share my list.




4. Market yourself not your business

Number 4 is a a tough one! Of course you should still post about your business, but the rule is

80% valuable content about your field of business or YOU, 20% business related posts.




5. Practice Self-improvement

People are attracted to positive giving people. Are your personal posts negative or complaining? People will notice the tone of your posts and run the other way!

  • Take positive steps each day by surrounding yourself with positive people. Remove the dream stealing negative people from your life.
  • Keep personal drama off your social media sites
  • Read motivational books or quotes. View inspiration videos on YouTube.
  • Practice Gratitude! A grateful heart attracts a positive outlook









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