Angela Sambrook

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site!

I will give you  useful online marketing tips for your Direct Sales business, whether you’re just starting or been in the industry for years, you will find online tools and tips that helped me to reach my business goals.

My experience with Direct Sales began over six years ago. I was looking for a work at home company  because I have health issues and I knew that a traditional 9-to-5 position would be very difficult for me. When I found La Bella Baskets & Gifts I fell in love with the company, the gifts, the leadership and the mission and I immediately joined.

The flexibility La Bella Baskets offers is extremely important, not only does it let me work on getting healthy, but it also lets me spend more time with my family.

My initial goal was to contribute to our household financially.To day, I have accomplished so much since I’ve been a La Bella Baskets & Gifts consultant. There are financial benefits, but just as important is the flexibility and the connections I am making. When I see other people who are going through health issues or desire to work at home so they can spend more time with their family, I love encouraging them to push through it and persevere. Over the past six years, La Bella Baskets & Gifts  has helped me grow into the person I am meant to be, and I want other people to experience just how amazing that feels.

Every day is a gift. I have the opportunity to introduce people to beautiful gifts, help others support their families, build their  business and spend time growing with an amazing group of people. So while it is hard to believe that six years have gone by, it is just as hard to believe that this is considered a job.

The best part of La Bella Baskets & Gifts is being surrounded by supportive, inspirational people who have the same goals as me. They are now some of my best friends. On the other hand, I get to help other people build their own businesses and help them reach their own potential. It is amazing to help another team member become a strong, confident leader!

For those of you who might be considering joining a Direct Sales company or La Bella Baskets & Gifts, I say: Just try it!  The Direct Sales industry is fast growing business model that affords anyone to build a business at home!

On a personal note, I’m glad my at home Direct sales business, has not only provided income for my family, but given me the gift to work at my own pace. I get to balance work with rest and that is valuable to my  wellness goals. I also get to  spend time  with my daughter and  husband of 30 years exploring New England back roads. We enjoy picking up picnic supplies at old general store’s along the road then  photographing the beautiful scenery or taking a stroll though small towns or trails.  You can see some of our adventures in my photos below along with our 2 rescue cats & dog!